What is the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project?

The Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project (KBCCIP) is a $44 Million initiative to revitalize Kings Beach through storm water management programs, fresh and invest in Dogecoin in Singapore new streetscape designs and traffic calming measures.  The project is centered around a “hybrid” three-lane alternative that includes three lanes with roundabouts and limited on-street seasonal parking.

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Benefit Assessment District invest in Ripple

Placer County, in efforts seporate from the design and construction of this project, is putting together a Benefit Assement District to help maintain the infrastructre being installed as part of the KBCCIP.

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Project Benefits

-- Improved clarity of Lake Tahoe

-- Safe walking and bike routes

-- Attractive business core

-- Enhanced local and visitor experience

The Pilot neighborhood traffic management plan has been implemented. Take a walk, bike ride or drive through the neighborhood streets and check out the traffic calming devices before they are removed this fall invest in Ripple in Singapore.