Community members, local agencies and businesses have worked tirelessly for 15 years to create a plan that will improve, enrich and revitalize Kings Beach. The result of this community-driven effort is known today as the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project (KBCCIP). With the help of local agencies and both regional and national experts, the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project has made it to the final design phase. Under the leadership of Placer County, the process has been open, transparent, informed, interactive and inclusive. The final project will enhance the quality of life for the community, revitalize the economy and restore lake clarity.

What is it?

The Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project (KBCCIP) is a $48.6 million initiative to revitalize Kings Beach. It’s three main goals are to improve bike and pedestrian safety, restore and protect lake clarity, and enhance the downtown feel through traffic calming measures, storm water management systems and innovative street design.


  1. Improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility and safety
  2. Improve storm water runoff treatment to enhance Lake clarity
  3. Improve aesthetic character of the commercial core

Project Team Core Values

  • Listen to feedback and input from the community
  • Work in a collaborative, welcoming, inclusive, respectful manner both internally and externally
  • Design in an innovative way, enhancing a sense of place and benefiting the community, the economy and the environment
  • Commit to quality, creating enduring beauty and value, using best management practices
  • Work collectively with the Regional Plan goals and objectives
  • Communicate in a reliable, responsive, clear and transparent voice

Project History/Background

January 2010: Final KBCCIP Environmental Impact Statement approved by TRPA; Placer County Board of Supervisors approves the "Hybrid Alternative"

March 2010: Caltrans found no significant impacts for the "Hybrid Alternative"

October 2010: Placer County awarded contract for engineering the KBCCIP to Dokken Engineering, Folsom, CA.

Project Timeline

To learn more about the history of the KBCCIP including relevant background studies, please visit the Placer County Department of Public Works website