What’s New

KBCCIP Progress

    -- The Pilot Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan (NTMP) has been installed! There are 3 traffic circles, 16 speed humps and 1 raised crosswalk installed. The traffic circle at Fox Street and Salmon Avenue is permanent, to test how the design holds up in the winter.

    South Dolly Varden Rock Being Placed

    North Dolly Varden Rock Being Placed

    Engraved rock located at Dolly Varden and SR-267

    Temporary Traffic Circle at Bear Street and Rainbow Avenue

    One of the 16 temporary speed humps located throughout the community

    -- The temporary devices will be removed before snowfall

    -- A community meeting will be held in the Fall to share the data on how the devices are working and to solicit feedback on their effectiveness in meeting the goals of the NTMP.

    -- Click here to leave a comment on the Pilot NTMP deployment.

    -- A meeting notice will be sent to grid residents and property owners once a meeting date has been determined.

    -- Based on community input and engineering data the permanent NTMP may be revised to better address community needs. The full NTMP will be constructed with the Phase 2 – Off-Highway Improvements in 2012.

    -- Utility Potholing – The project is vacuum excavating along SR-28 (N. Lake Blvd) and within the neighborhood streets to locate underground utilities so conflicts can be addressed in project design.

    Example of utility pothole

    Example Traffic Control for Potholing

    Example Traffic Control for Potholing

Construction in Kings Beach

Good News! Several projects are in progress in Kings Beach this season and that work can be confusing. Here's what we know:

-- Water Quality Improvement Project (WIP) – The KBCCIP Phases 2 & 3 are incorporating the Kings Beach WIP in its design. All drainage improvements in the KBCCIP are consistent with the WIP. This will eliminate overlapping work.

-- Kings Beach Housing Now! (DOMUS) – Several housing projects are being constructed in the Kings Beach CCIP project area. KBCCIP is coordinating with Brown Construction (DOMUS's contractor) to eliminate overlapping work.

--Caltrans Standard Maintenance – Earlier this summer, Caltrans put a pavement overlay on the eastbound lanes of SR-28 (N. Lake Blvd) as a standard maintenance procedure. They also re-striped the lane lines and crosswalks.

-- SR-28 (N. Lake Blvd)/SR-267 Intersection Improvements – Caltrans is modifying the northern half of the intersection with new curb returns, drainage and signal improvements. The KBCCIP, in coordination with Caltrans, removed the northern section of the 267/28 intersection from the Caltrans plans. KBCCIP will improve the south side of the intersection as part of the KBCCIP project.

-- Caltrans Environmental Improvement Project (EIP) – The EIP work you see on SR-28 (N. Lake Blvd) in Tahoe Vista is Caltrans constructing curb and gutter to improve water quality. At the same time a lane reduction will be striped and bike lanes added. This work will not extend into Kings Beach, it will stop prior to SR-267. There will not be any duplicative work.

-- Southwest Gas Company Gas Line Improvements – This work is not part of the KBCCIP and is not in conflict with the project.